Ferrara Body Options

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Modular Bodies

Ferrara modular bodies are extremely versatile and extremely tough. Choose the compartment style you need,
from traditional pumper style to full height/full depth rescue style. Each modular body subframe consists of a
welded steel grid to support the weight of the body and the booster tank. Additionally, three cross members are full width of the body to brace the front and rear compartments.
All compartments are true sweep-out style and are reinforced underneath to carry the equipment you
need. Traditional pumper compartments or custom full height/full depth rescue style storage is available
on all modular bodies.
Available Modular Bodies
Modular 12 Gauge Galvanneal
Modular 3/16" 5052-H32 Aluminum
Modular 12 Gauge Stainless Steel
The subframe is constructed of 3/8" and 1/4" steel channel, tube, bar and angle
The subframe is attached to the chassis with Grade 8 bolts
Each welded joint in each body compartment is reinforced with backing plates to insure a strong joint
Tank protections panels in the rear wheel well areas ensure road debris won't damage the water tank
Generous 12.12" deep high side compartments. All modular compartment interiors are coated with rugged F-Shield for years of protection
Available with full height/ and full depth storage compartments that are up to 30.5" deep
Rear full height compartment with custom shelving, roll out tray and air bag rack.
Multiple ladder storage configurations available.
Wheel well storage available for spare SCBA bottles, oil dry, winch connections, fire extinguishers, wheel chocks
Choose a side or top pump panel with crosslays, speedlays, front or rear pre-connects
Every component, other than aluminum diamond plate, is protected with a tough, durable paint finish
10 year/100,000 mile structure warranty

Extruded Aluminum Bodies Photo

Extruded Aluminum Bodies

Built to last a lifetime, our extruded aluminum body is the strongest and most durable in the industry. Built from
6061-T6 and 6063-T6 aluminum alloys, each of our certified extrusions are custom designed for a specific use in the apparatus body.
Ferrara's extruded aluminum body features massive body corner extrusions, twin I-beam subframe with
heavy duty gussets and extruded compartment and hose bed framework. This innovative design offers an
unprecedented blend of durability and function. The subframe, compartment framework, hose bed, wheel
wells, beavertails, pump compartment and running board/tailboard assemblies all rely upon heavy duty
extruded aluminum shapes that have a particular design function, all of which give this body the superior
strength needed for any situation.
Sub frame is welded to 3/4" thick extruded aluminum frame rails and isolated from chassis frame by 1/2" thick
neoprene rubber extruded channel
Sturdy 5/8" diameter U-bolts secure the body to the frame
Double I-beams are reinforced with massive 2" x 4" extruded gussets
7/16" thick, 3" x 4" double I-beam cross members for extra support
Floor supports are 2" x 4" saddle
For bodies 96" wide, corners are 3.5" x 9.75" vertical extrusions with wall thickness of 1/4" for extra strength
For bodies 102" wide, corners are 3.5" x 12.75" vertical extrusions with wall thickness of 1/4" for extra strength
Booster tank protection shield
Compartment framework made of 2" x 4" extrusions
Body Compartments are 5052 H-32 3/16" thick aluminum alloy plate and continuously welded for extra strength
Each corner compartment has removable service panels to access wiring harnesses
Beavertails are constructed from all welded aluminum tubular extrusions
Running boards and tailboard are constructed from anodized aluminum extrusions with a raised non-slip surface or tread plate