Brentwood Volunteer Fire Department, Prince George's Co., MD - E-ONE TYPHOON STAINLESS STEEL PUMPER


The Brentwood Volunteer Fire Department has ordered a new E-ONE Typhoon Stainless Steel Pumper with a 67.5" long flat roof cab.  The unit will be powered by a Cummins X12 500 HP motor with an Allison EVS 4000 automatic transmission with a Jacobs engine brake.  The stainless steel body will feature full height (30"/60"/40") drivers side compartments and half-height compartments on the officer's side and hinged compartment doors.   Features include a Hale QMAX pump rated at 1500 GPM, a 500-gallon water/30-gallon foam poly tank, a 2001 Hypro/FoamPro foam system, a 20" extended front bumper (with 5" chrome swivel intake and 2.5" discharge), and four rear 2.5" discharges.  Other features include but are not limited to: Federal "Q" siren, Alcoa aluminum wheels, 911 seating for six firefighters, Duo Safety ladders (24' extension, 14' roof),  Whelen emergency lighting and electronic siren, two (2) pedestal mounted LED Mars "888" lights, FireTech cab scene lights (front brow and sides) and two (2) pole-mounted Whelen Pioneer lights.  Thank you for your trust in Patriot Fire LLC and E-ONE!