Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services - E-ONE Cyclone 95-Platform


Howard County Fire and Rescue Services has ordered a new E-ONE 95-Platform with a Cyclone 67.5" long flat roof cab.  The unit will be powered by a Cummins X15 605 HP motor with an Allison EVS 4500 automatic transmission and a Jacobs engine brake. It will be equipped with a Harrison 8 kw hydraulic generator, 20K front bumper mounted winch and many custom compartment storage configurations.  Other features include but are not limited to: Valor seating for five (5) firefighters, Alcoa Dura-Brite aluminum wheels, Fire Tech brow and side scene lighting, Advance Aerial Control System, 194 feet of ground ladders, TFT 1000 GPM monitor, 200’ electric cord reel, LED rung lighting and safety Vision side and rear cameras.  Thank you Howard County Fire and Rescue Services, for your continued trust in Patriot Fire LLC!