Susquehanna Hose Company, Inc., Harve De Grace, MD - E-ONE Typhoon eMax Stainless Steel Rescue Pumper


The Susquehanna Hose Company, Inc. has ordered a new E-ONE Typhoon eMax Rescue Pumper with a 67.5" long cab and 12" vista cab roof.  The unit will be powered by a Cummins X12 500 HP motor with an Allison EVS4000 transmission and Jacobs engine brake.  The stainless steel rescue body will feature full-height compartments 30"/60"/54" with two (2) rooftop compartments on each side, underside compartments forward of the rear wheels on each side, an 800 gallon poly water tank, 25 gallon Class A and 25 gallon Class B foam tanks, and through the tank ladder storage for a 24' extension ladder, 14' roof ladder and a 10' attic ladder.  Body features include a Harrison 6KW MCR Hydraulic generator, Amdor roll-up compartment doors, a 100' air reel with 1/4" hose, and a 100' electric cord reel with 10/4 cable.  Other features include a 1500 GPM pump, FRC PumpBoss pressure governor, Trident primer, Innovative Controls Nite-Glo gauges, a 2002 Hypro/FoamPro foam system, a 24" front bumper extension with a center-mounted Pierce 20,000 lb. winch, 5" front intake, and recessed Federal Q siren, Valor seating for eight firefighters (Five with SCBA IMMI Smart Docks), Accuride aluminum wheels, Insta-chain tire chains, Safety Vision back-up camera, Federal Signal, and Whelen emergency lights, a pedestal mounted Mars 888 LED light, Whelen traffic advisor, FireTech brow light and Whelen body-mounted scene lighting.  Thank you for your continued trust in Patriot Fire LLC and congratulations on another E-ONE addition to your fleet!